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Popular Tests

Best seller
Microbiome Check
29 tests included
$199 AUD
As well as analysing your beneficial and pathogenic bacteria, our comprehensive microbiome test also includes testing for parasites and yeast overgrowth, and also provides an assessment of your digestive markers. This holistic picture provides actionable insights to help you improve your gut health.
Best seller
Adrenal Stress Check
5 tests included
$145 AUD
Adrenal fatigue may be one of the most under diagnosed condition in western society. This adrenocortex stress test assesses your response to stress and provides valuable insights to help you balance your hormones.
Best seller
Well Man Check
42 tests included
$239 AUD
How often do you get your car serviced? And how often do you give yourself a full work up? This comprehensive blood test covers the essentials and ensures you're doing more than just kicking the tyres when it comes to your health.
Best seller
Well Woman Check
46 tests included
$239 AUD
In today's hectic world, are you looking after yourself? Whatever stage of life you're at, this comprehensive blood test covers the essentials to help give you peace of mind when it comes to your health.
Best seller
Hormone Imbalance Check
14 tests included
$179 AUD
Hormones exert powerful effects on the female body and have a significant role to play in the body's health and wellbeing. Understanding these roles is important if you’re seeking to proactively manage your health.
Thyroid Check
3 tests included
$63 AUD
$74 AUD
1 in 7 Australians live with a thyroid condition with symptoms ranging from low energy and depression to unexplained weight gain and insomnia. If you don’t feel right but you can’t put your finger on why, this simple thyroid test can tell you if it's your thyroid.
Advanced Thyroid Check
5 tests included
$117 AUD
$135 AUD
If you’re looking for a comprehensive assessment of your thyroid function, including an investigation of an underlying autoimmune disorder, then this combined thyroid antibodies test and thyroid function test is the blood test for you.
Best seller
Comprehensive Thyroid Check
8 tests included
$225 AUD
If you’re looking for our most comprehensive thyroid panel, this panel includes the thyroid function tests, 3 thyroid antibodies as well as reverse T3.
Best seller
Male Hormone Check
11 tests included
$135 AUD
A comprehensive analysis of the hormones that govern masculinity. This simple blood test can tell you if you have a hormone imbalance.
Best seller
Sports Hormone Check
44 tests included
$189 AUD
Understand the impacts of training on your health. Analysing key biomarkers with this simple blood and hormone test can help you train to the best of your ability and reach your goals without risking your health.
Best seller
Vitamin D Check
1 test included
$49 AUD
Over 30% of adults are estimated to be vitamin D deficient which can cause muscle weakness and fatigue. This simple vitamin D test will tell you if you have a deficiency.
Healthy Weight Check
13 tests included
$249 AUD
$300 AUD
The Healthy Weight Check combines a blood test and a consult with our clinical nutritionist to kick start your 2020 weight loss journey. As featured in the Daily Mail.
Autoimmune Check
2 tests included
$79 AUD
Autoimmune diseases affect around 5% of people and are one of the most important health issues in Australia and New Zealand. There are over 80 different autoimmune diseases ranging from common to very rare.
Best seller
Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Check
3 tests included
$59 AUD
It can be difficult to diagnose EBV because its symptoms so closely resemble a range of other illnesses. However, a blood test can confirm the presence of EBV antibodies in the system, or whether someone has had a recent or past infection.
Best seller
Bone Health Check
5 tests included
$119 AUD
Calcium and phosphate work together to help build strong bones and teeth. An imbalance in these two minerals can cause bone weakness and increased risk of heart disease.
Best seller
PCOS Check
14 tests included
$169 AUD
PCOS is a surprisingly common condition believed to affect approx 10% of reproductive-aged women. This comprehensive hormone panel can provide further insights into women who may be suffering from PCOS.
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