Meet Jennifer May (BHSc (Nut Med).Adv.Dip.Nut.Med.ATMS.MINDD)

Jennifer, our online nutritionist, consults on a variety of health issues including hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular, immune, and blood glucose related conditions. Based in Sydney Jennifer has been practicing for more than 8 years - she is the author of Pure Health & Happiness and a mentor to students and new graduates of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Jennifer's consultations involve an extensive health and medical history before developing a plan focused not only on appropriate nutritional but also lifestyle changes. Her key interest is helping people recover from stress, food intolerance and chronic illness. Jennifer loves working with patients to tailor diet and lifestyle plans that help people feel younger, stronger, healthier and happier, and loves to help people find a love for real, healthy, delicious food again, and losing the fear of illness, pain or weight gain.


We offer online nutritionist consultations via telephone which include a comprehensive review of your health and medical history. Our online nutritionist will review the results of your tests which are key inputs into compiling your health picture and developing your bespoke treatment plan.

Your treatment plan may include a variety of aspects such as dietary changes, supplementation, and lifestyle considerations. Our online nutritionist will follow your progress closely to ensure the prescribed plan is appropriate, and support you in making necessary changes to restore your health and well being.

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