There’s great potential in preventing or treating diseases by optimising your lifestyle for your unique genetic makeup. The analysis of specific genes known to impact metabolism, exercise, and energy use reveals how you process sugars, fats, nutrients and vitamins. Once you have your personalised genetic profile and make a few changes, you can start optimising your health.


This test analyses 45 genes known for Fat Burning & Weight, Power VS Endurance, Appetite & Cravings and Stamina for improvement of overall health and wellness through positive lifestyle changes. A personalised diet and exercise plan is provided with your report.

Refer to our demo for a sample report.

Test instructions

Your test kit and all instructions are posted directly to you, and there is no need to visit a collection centre.

Mail your sample back to the lab using the prepaid envelope and packaging.

Results for this test available in 10-12 days and will be published in your online dashboard.

Ready. Set. Go!
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