Glycans are the most accurate way to test biological age and wellness available and the first one with proven responsiveness to interventions, paired with follow-on health programmes. The glycan (glycome) testing solution is based on decades of research, over a hundred peer-reviewed scientific papers and tested on 100,000 people (scientific trials & commercial). You can use this test to measure and optimise the success and effectiveness of your diet, training and supplements intervention.

What we test

Biological Age

We analyse 24 glycans (which represent over 99% of the glycan structures on IgG). Using these 24 structures, we determine 3 key features of the IgG glycome (Glycan Mature (G0), Glycan Health (G2) & Glycan Youth (S)), and the GlycanAge index.

This finger prick test measures

Ageing, whilst a natural process, is the accumulation of damage in your body over time, caused by a long term over-activation of the immune system.

G0 glycans promote inflammation by activating the complement system - low levels of G0 are considered to be beneficial for general health.

G2 acts as antiinflammatory. As we age our levels of G2 decrease. Decreased levels of G2 are associated with different autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, thus high levels of G2 are considered to be biomarkers of youthfulness.

These glycans are immunosuppressive. High levels of S glycans are associated with the absence of different autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and are generally considered to be biomarkers of good health

Test instructions

Your test kit and all instructions are posted directly to you, and there is no need to visit a collection centre.

Mail your sample back to the lab using the prepaid envelope and packaging.

Results for this test typically available in 4-5 weeks and will be published in your online dashboard.

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