29 July 2021 | Jennifer May (BHSc (Nut Med), Adv.Dip.Nut.Med, ATMS, MINDD)

Optimising your health with nutritional medicine

An introduction to Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine is the science of using foods, and nutrients, as medicine in order to prevent disease and promote optimal well-being. With a practitioner of Nutritional Medicine, your diet will be personalised to match your specific needs, taking into account your whole health picture, goals, history, cultural preferences and taste preferences.

The aim of a Nutritional Medicine practitioner is to counsel you to work with your preferences, budget and any limitations you may have, to create a personalised diet specific to your unique requirements. A Nutritional Medicine practitioner is uniquely qualified to tailor personalised treatment programs to suit a range of health conditions.

Meet Jennifer May (BHSc (Nut Med), Adv.Dip.Nut.Med, ATMS, MINDD)

Jennifer is a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Medicine practitioner with more than 6 years experience, and runs a very successful practice in Sydney CBD. In 2014, Jennifer and her partner developed an industry-first internship program for students and new graduates of Nutritional Medicine through which Jennifer has mentored more than 30 students of Nutrition, Naturopathy and Dietetics to date.

Jennifer has worked with patients with a range of conditions from every day Weight Loss and Healthy Eating to the more complex Cancer and Chronic Fatigue. However, she has a particular passion for assisting patients with complicated cases, or those who require recovery from major illness or food intolerance. Jennifer's practice specialises in Food Intolerance and functional testing and is well known for her 12 Week Recovery Program. This step by step 12 week online program assists patients of Food Intolerance to restore their digestive function and balance the immune system with the aim to restore tolerance of foods and once again return to a varied diet.

Prior to a consultation with Jennifer you will complete a detailed health questionnaire to establish your health history, daily food intake, personal preferences, and current health goals. Your consultation will begin with Jennifer clarifying any further questions or insights, before moving on to discuss the personalised approach which will work best for you and any further testing which would be beneficial in order to further tailor your personalised diet and lifestyle plan.

A plan from Jennifer typically includes a list of your therapeutic foods, suggestions of healthy meals and snacks (with recipes where possible), lifestyle adjustments and supplement recommendations. Jennifer's patients describe her as "So much more than a Nutritionist, it's like having a life coach too".

Nutrition and Cancer

Cancer is a complex condition which requires urgent medical treatment. However the road to recovery can be long, and treatments can make patients feel very unwell throughout. There are many scientifically proven dietary and supplemental interventions which can improve treatment outcomes, while also supporting the quality of life throughout treatment.

Jennifer will work with you, your oncologist, and your medical team, to design a diet and supplement regime that supports your well-being throughout your treatment while also enhancing the effects of the medical intervention.

Book a Nutritional Medicine for Cancer consultation which will include the full assessment, a treatment protocol, and letters to your oncologist providing detailed recommendations, and scientific reasoning to support the confidence of your medical team in this natural approach.

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional Medicine involves the development of individualised treatment plans providing diet and supplement adjustments to restore your optimum health and assists your recovery from conditions such as:

  • Metabolic health issues - such as stubborn weight gain, insulin resistance, heart disease
  • Digestive function – assessing stomach and intestinal health, bowel function, and gastrointestinal disorders
  • Immune health – including autoimmune conditions, allergies, and sensitivities
  • Hormonal balance – involving thyroid health, adrenal function, and reproductive health conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS
  • Nervous system disorders – such as migraines, memory, mental health, and sleep

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine involves the development of individualised treatment plans providing comprehensive overview of your current diet and lifestyle. Your plan will include a recommended dietary overview, supplement recommendations, and step by step lifestyle adjustments to restore your optimum health, happiness and well-being.

Lifestyle Medicine suits those who:

  • Prefer general dietary guidelines, therapeutic foods, and recommended recipes, rather than a structured diet plan.
  • Would like support making healthy lifestyle changes to promote optimum health, happiness and well-being in the long term.
  • Feel stressed, overwhelmed, and like your life is out of control.

Jennifer will partner with you to create a step by step plan to achieve a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle.

How does it work?

We offer consultations via telephone which include a comprehensive review of your health and medical history. Jennifer will review the results of your blood and saliva tests which are key inputs into compiling your health picture and developing your bespoke treatment plan.

Your treatment plan may include a variety of aspects such as dietary changes, supplementation, and lifestyle considerations. Jennifer will follow your progress closely to ensure the prescribed plan is appropriate, and support you in making necessary changes to restore your health and well being. Follow up consultations and repeat testing are available to help you continue to track your progress and tailor your nutritional plans.

Want to know more?

For Nutrition or Lifestyle Medicine, You can purchase a 40 minute teleconsult with Jennifer for a fee of $165 for i-screen members only (usually $200) - this includes an extensive health and medical history, and a custom diet and lifestyle plan to suit your unique requirements.

Jennifer can also provide bespoke cosultations for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine for Cancer - contact us for more information.

Reach out to the team for for more information, or to book an appointment.

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Jennifer May author
Jennifer May (BHSc (Nut Med), Adv.Dip.Nut.Med, ATMS, MINDD)
Hi there! I am a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Medicine practitioner with more than 6 years experience, and run a successful practice in Sydney CBD. In 2014 I developed an industry-first internship program for students and new graduates of Nutritional Medicine and have mentored more than 30 students of Nutrition, Naturopathy and Dietetics to date. My passion is helping people feel younger, stronger, healthier. I look forward to working with you.