What are thyroid cofactors?

Two major cofactors which can significantly improve thyroid function if known to be deficient are iodine and selenium.

Iodine is the classic therapy for hypothyroidism as it is needed by the thyroid gland to synthesise thyroid hormones.

Selenium is another essential mineral needed for proper thyroid functioning. The thyroid gland contains more selenium than other body parts and during selenium deficiency, the body meets the selenium needs of the thyroid even before it sends selenium to the brain.

What we test

Thyroid Cofactors

Iodine and selenium are essential cofactors for proper thyroid function.

This blood and urine test measures

Found in vegetables, fish, shellfish, red meat, grains, eggs, chicken, liver, garlic, brewer's yeast, wheat germ, and enriched breads. Helps protect cells from damage, and is needed for thyroid gland function.

Iodine is an essential trace element and an integral component of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are required for normal growth and development of tissues and maturation of our bodies.

Test instructions

Print out the pathology form that we email you.

Take your form to your local collection centre to have your sample taken - no need for an appointment.

Results for this test available in 1-2 weeks and will be published in your online dashboard.

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