The lining of the intestine and gut microbiome make the gut highly selective in absorbing specific nutrients. When this gut lining is compromised, unwanted substances can cross the barrier and activate an immune response. The test works on the principle that small molecules are readily absorbed by the gut and excreted in the urine, whilst larger molecules are not. Under normal circumstances the ratio of large molecules to small molecules is low. Where ‘leaky gut’ is present, the larger molecules are found to penetrate the gut lining and are detected in the urine.

  • Note this test CANNOT BE PERFORMED IF YOU ARE A DIABETIC with a fasting urine glucose level over 6mmol/L.

What we test

Intestinal Permeability

This urine test assesses levels of a synthetic sugar and mannitol that can be used to monitor improvements or deterioration in intestinal permeability.

This urine test measures:

Lactulose is a 'large' molecule, and only small levels should be absorbed by the gut and excreted into the urine.

Mannitol is a 'small' molecule which is readily absorbed by the gut and subsequently excreted into the urine.

Where 'leaky gut’ is present, the large synthetic sugar molecules can penetrate the gut lining and are recovered in the urine, resulting in a high recovery ratio.

Test instructions

You’ll receive your urine test kit in the mail, along with logistics for your sample collection.

Mail your sample back to the lab using the prepaid envelope and packaging.

Results for this test available in 10-12 days and will be published in your online dashboard.

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