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For too long getting access to your most important health data and keeping track of key changes has been out of your hands. We believe complicated systems, waiting lists, medical jargon and confusing results are getting in the way of you being proactive about your health.

We provide online access to the tools, insight and medical expertise to help you make better health decisions, avoid preventable illness and work towards optimum health and wellbeing.

You’re in good hands

Your samples are collected and analysed by Australia’s leading pathology laboratories who are accredited by the National Association Testing Authority (NATA). Your results are interpreted by our experienced medical professionals meaning you can be confident of a safe and reliable service.

Secure and confidential

Your information is managed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) using the latest encryption technologies. We are committed to protecting your personal information and only share your data with our medical professionals who review your results within our platform. Our doctors have an ethical, professional and legal duty to respect your rights to privacy meaning you can be sure of complete discretion and confidentiality.

How it works
Order Online
Choose the health check that’s right for you and create your secure account online.
Collect your sample
Take your pathology form to your local collection centre to have your sample taken - no need for an appointment.
Get your results
View your results securely in your own personal dashboard complete with advice from experienced medical professionals.
"I took the i-screen Diabetes Check as I was feeling tired and thirsty all the time."
It turns out my suspicions were right and I’ve now been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I want to manage my diabetes without medication and i-screen have given me useful advice to help me do this, and to continue to monitor how well I’m managing my glucose.
Warren S, age 40, Melbourne
“I’d been having trouble sleeping and had serious sugar cravings."
I took the Adrenal Fatigue Check which involved 4 saliva tests and found out that my cortisol levels were higher than they should be, particularly at night time. I’m now changing my evening routine and taking steps to manage my stress levels to get better sleep.
Christine T, age 34, Sydney
"I’ve always been fit and well but wanted a full blood work up to check everything was OK."
I took i-screen’s Essential Health Check and found out my cholesterol levels are too high and I have inflammation in my arteries so I’m at risk of heart disease. This health screening has been a reality check and I’m now making changes to my diet and exercise to get on top of this.
Pete F, age 52, Perth
"I recently had a baby and was suffering with mood swings and weight gain."
i-screen recommended the Thyroid Check and I found out I have an underactive thyroid which was causing my symptoms as well as making me even more tired than usual. I’m now working with an endocrinologist to fix up my hormone imbalance.
Claire T, age 31, NSW
“No matter how much exercise or dieting I did, I just kept putting on weight."
I took i-screen’s Female Hormone Health Check and found out that I have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which was causing weight gain and also affecting my skin. The doctor has recommended a series of lifestyle changes to improve my health screening results.
Amanda P, age 36, Brisbane
"I had been trying to get pregnant for 3 months with no luck."
i-screen recommended a Fertility Check – this measured my progesterone levels and it turned out I wasn’t ovulating even though the ovulation prediction kit from the pharmacy said I was! I took my results to my GP who has given me a prescription to help me ovulate.
Lesley G, age 32, Alice Springs
"I wanted a specific test that wasn’t already included in one of the online checks."
I got a custom quote from i-screen, I paid my bill online and they emailed me my pathology form. I got my results back the next day with comments from i-screen’s doctor explaining what they meant and what I should do next.
Tyron B, age 35, Adelaide