What happens next?

How often should I repeat my test?

How long you should wait before repepating your test will vary depending on your results. Our doctor will provide a recommendation in your health report on when to take your next test. If you experience any symptoms or feel unwell in between tests then you should contact your GP. If you have any changes to your health circumstances please contact us for testing advice. And don't forget to keep your health profile up to date!

Can you prescribe medication based on my results?

No, diagnosis and treatment of a potential condition should be provided by your GP or usual health practitioner.

Can I share my test results with my GP?

Certainly. We encourage you to share your blood test results with your GP, and you can print a copy of your health report for this purpose. Feel free to contact us if you would like a copy of your laboratory report emailed to you.

Will my GP ask me to repeat the tests?

Possibly. Your samples are assessed by the same laboratories that your GP uses, however your GP may want to conduct additional blood tests to confirm your results weren't due to an anomaly such as dehydration.