Choosing your test

I’m not sure which test is right for me. Can I get some advice?

Absolutely. Contact us with information about your health concerns or goals, and one of our qualified medical professionals will get back to you with advice about which of our tests is right for you.

Can I add additional biomarkers to one of your existing checks?

Certainly. Contact us with details of which tests you'd like included, and we'll get back to you with a custom quote.

Can I design my own custom test?

Yes you can. Contact us with details of which tests you're interested in, and we'll provide you with a custom quote.

Can I use i-screen instead of going to my GP?

i-screen doesn't replace advice from your usual healthcare providers. Our service is designed to supplement the care you would receive from your GP or other allied health professionals rather than replace it.

I am under 18, can I buy a test?

We're afraid not. i-screen is only available for those aged 18 years and over.

I am not an Australian resident, can I buy a blood test?

Yes definitely. Our services are available to both residents and non-residents who are able to visit one of our designated collection centres in Australia.

Are there any additional costs not included in the price listed on your website?

No, there are no hidden costs and the price on our website represents the total price for our tests. No GST is applicable for our services.

Can I get a Medicare rebate from my blood test?

We're afraid not. This is a private service which does not attract a Medicare rebate.

Does my private health insurance cover these blood tests?

We're afraid there is no private health insurance rebate applicable to functional pathology services in Australia.

Can’t I just get these tests for free from my GP?

In some cases yes. In order to qualify for a Medicare funded blood test from your GP you will need to meet certain health criteria. The public system typically funds pathology services for patients who are already symptomatic or at high risk or developing a specific health condition. Your GP will be able to provide you with further information.

Can I have my blood tested whilst I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes you can. Please remember to disclose these facts in your health profile as if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this may impact the interpretation of your blood test results.

Does my pathology form expire?

Pathology forms are valid for 6 months from the purchase date. Please contact us if you need an extension.